Need to keep calm.
Still four more games.
It’s probably the biggest statement we’ve made so far.
Longest 90 minutes I’ve played in.
I’m lost for words at the moment because it’s such a big result for us.
We’ve got four cup finals left.
We’ll let other people comment on who’s it is to lose.
You can ask Neville, Redknapp, Carragher, who they put in the driver’s seat.

Bits from Stevie’s post match interview. (via americankopite)
  • Commentator: It's yours to win now, Steve.
  • Steven: Nothing's ours yet.


This is what it means to him. We will win it for him. My captain, our captain fantastic.
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Nobody, and I mean nobody in the whole wide world loves anything more than Steven Gerrard loves Liverpool. 


"You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one….."

It was a remarkable performance, I felt we were incredible today… We were outstanding in the first half. The families of Hillsborough are with us every day, and we’ll find the time to create a memory for them on Tuesday, but today was about creating a different memory for them and getting the three points.

Brendan Rodgers (via americankopite)

This is our captian <3


This is our captian <3

Liverpool-Man City: 3-2